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On the Prairie

The prairie is one of North America's great ecosystems and a vital habitat for many plants and animals. The prairie once spread across 1.5 million square kilometers of the Great Plains (that's seven times the size of Minnesota!)—but less than 2% of native prairie remains today.

In October 1999, Bell LIVE! traveled to the prairie and explored cool animals and plants of this fascinating ecosystem. We discovered why prairies are important to the way we live and what humans do to impact this vanishing ecosystem. Discover the plants and animals that compose the prairie ecosystem with our online activities and resources.

Can you turn a bare dirt field into a thriving prairie? Take the restoration challenge in this interactive game!
Field Guide
Field Guide to the Prairie

What's a prairie chicken? How many snakes hide in that tall prairie grass? Find the answers to your prairie questions here!
Curriculum Goodies
Curriculum Goodies

Ask the Author, Dakota prairie terms, prairie reserves, and more.
Prairie QTVRs
Experience the Prairie

Explore the prairie with QuickTime movies and VR—then try our field activities in your nearby prairie!


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