On the Prairie

Prairie Activities

Try these prairie activities to learn more about the prairie! (Activities are in Acrobat PDF format; you probably already have the Acrobat Reader; if not, download a free copy here.)

Prairie Plant Uses. Not only did prairie Indians find uses for the animals on the prairie, the grasses and other plants that reveal a prairie's beauty also provided innumerable resources. Many of these plants are still used today for their healing or nutritous properties first discovered by American Indians.Learn about those many uses in this activity.

Black-footed Ferret Reintroduction. In this role-playing activity, students consider whether the black-footed ferret should be reintroduced on public lands. By presenting the positions of various interest groups to a mock town council meeting and working together to resolve conflicts over the proposed reintroduction of an endangered species, students are involved in resolvling competing interests and turning a potential conflict into a collaborative effort.

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