A Field Guide to the Prairie

American Toad
Photo: Dr. Barney Oldfield
American Toad
Bufo americanus
Length: 5-9 cm (2-3 in.)
Habitat/Range: These toads are found east of the Great Plains. They are found as far north as Hudson Bay in Quebec and Ontario. The are found in many different kinds of habitats including forests, bogs, and prairies.
Eating Habits: They eat insects and worms and typically feed at night.

This toad is mostly brown in color and has white and black spots on its back. Each black spot has one or two warts. It has a white belly with black markings.

It defends itself by puffing up its body so that it looks larger and won't be eaten. The male's call is a high-pitched, rapid trill that lasts 20-30 seconds.

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