A Field Guide to the Prairie

Black-tailed Jack Rabbit
Black-tailed Jack Rabbit
Lepus californicus
Size: Up to 60 cm or 24 inches
Habitat/Range: The Black-tailed Jackrabbit can be found on brushlands, prairies and meadows throughout much of the western United States. They prefer shortgrasses, where they are able to keep an eye out for predators.



The Black-tailed Jackrabbit is a member of the hare family. Its fur is a dark buff color that is peppered with black. It has distinctive long ears tipped with black and a prominent black stripe that runs from its rump to the top of its tail. Jackrabbits are strict vegetarians. During the spring and summer, they feed on clover, alfalfa and other abundant greens. During the lean fall and winter months, they subsist on woody and dried vegetation.
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