A Field Guide to the Prairie

Canadian Toad
Photo: Dr. Barney Oldfield
Canadian Toad
Bufo hemiophyrs
Length: 5-9 cm (2-3 in.)
Habitat/Range: They are only found in northwest Minnesota and North Dakota in the United States. In Canada, they are found on the prairies of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. They are found in a variety of habitat types including wetlands, forests and prairies.
Eating Habits: They eat insects and worms.

This toad's body is mostly brown with black and white patterns. You can easily identify a Canadian toad because it has a raised bump between its eyes. The dark spots contain one or two warts per spot. They have a white belly with gray and black markings.

Its call is a high pitched trill similar to the American toad, but it only lasts 2-8 seconds. It overwinters in groups in Mima mounds. These are small earth mounds originally built by gophers and are about 3 feet high. Researchers in Minnesota found that about 950 toads were living within each mound during the winter.

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