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Common Spiderwort
Photo courtesy Prairie Frontier
Common Spiderwort
Tradescantia ohiensis
Spiderwort Family (Commelinaceae)
Habitat/Range: Common in savannas and prairies ranging from dry to mesic, and in pastures and along roadsides and railroads; found in all but the northwest part of the tallgrass region.

Smooth, bluish green plants up to 3 feet tall with alternate leaves. A cluster of flowers is above 2 leaves at the top of the thin stems. Each flower has 3 rounded, blue to purple petals, and 6 yellow-tipped stamens covered with long, purple-pink hairs.

Spiderwort flowers last for just a single day before decaying into a sticky, liquefied mass.

Text from: Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers : A Falcon Field Guide : A Nature Conservancy Book

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