A Field Guide to the Prairie

Common Garter Snake
Photo: Dr. Barney Oldfield
Common Garter Snake
Thamnophis sirtalis
Length: 91-137 cm (36-54 in.)
Habitat/Range: This snake is very common throughout North America. It is found from the East Coast to the West Coast but not found in large areas in the Southwestern United States. It is found in almost every habitat type including forests, marshes, bogs, and prairies. It is often near water.
Eating Habits: They eat amphibians, insects, fish, small mammals, and mollusks.

You will find three longitudinal yellowish stripes along this snake's body. The background color is black or brown. h chin is off-white and its belly is yellow, green, or blue.

If captured, it sprays a musk odor that is so strong that it stays on a person's hand even after good washing.

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