A Field Guide to the Prairie

Golden Eagle
Photo: Minnesota Ornithological Union
Golden Eagle
Aquila chrysaetos
Size: 76-104 cm (30-41 in.)
Habitat/Range: Found in a variety of habitats in the western U.S. including mountainous areas, canyons, shrub-land and grasslands. The Golden Eagle is found in North America, Eurasia and northern Africa. The breeding range in North America includes north-central Mexico, Alaska, northern Canada, and the western United States as far east as the Dakotas, Kansas and Texas.
Eating Habits: Feeds mainly on rabbits and large rodents, although 20% of their diet is composed of birds and reptiles.

This dark brown massive eagle has a golden or light brown nape, with legs that are feathered to the toes. Eyes and beak are dark. Females often noticeably larger than the males.

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