A Field Guide to the Prairie

Red fox Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes
Length: 90-100 cm (37-39 in.)
Habitat/Range: The red fox is found in a variety of habitats, from the Arctic to the warm temperate zones of Texas. They are not found through much of the Rocky Mountain range. They prefer semi-open country to continuous forest.
Eating Habits: Red foxes are carnivorous and eat rabbits, squirrels, woodchucks, song and game birds, snakes, turtles and frogs.

The red fox is a small member of the dog family. They are some shade of yellowish red. There is some black in their tail or in the middle of their back. Their belly and throat are white.

The family occupies a burrow which the foxes dig themselves. They only remain as a family through summer and then lead pretty solitary lives.


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